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Heating Repairs in West Bend, WI

If your heating system isn’t operating properly, the unit may require professional heating repairs. At Home Heating and Air, our technicians troubleshoot and fix clogs, ignitions, thermostats, and other components at commercial and residential locations in West Bend, WI.

Regular Service

Because we’re thorough and punctual, we can help maintain your system by replacing the filters every month. After each visit, your unit may perform more efficiently due to the air circulating effortlessly throughout your home without straining the heating system.

Our Thermostat Procedures

If your thermostat frequently changes the temperature in your home, we could adjust your heat anticipator, a small device that guides a calibrated scale. We’ll implement other maintenance and repair procedures if your thermostat doesn't work at all. Our technicians could also use an electronic contact cleaner to cleanse the corroded components if your unit requires extensive cleaning.

Contact Home Heating and Air and request our punctual heating repairs service. We fix heating systems in West Bend and the surrounding areas.